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Artist: Jâca
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 October 2022

The repertoire for clarinet and guitar has traditionally been very limited. Or at least it was, until creative clarinet-guitar duo Jâca entered the stage. Comprised of Canadian clarinetist Wesley Ferreira and American guitarist Jaxon Williams, this spirited duo explores and expands the vast potential of this rare combination of instruments on their aptly-named album Breakthrough. Ferreira and Williams have chosen a diverse range of new works by living composers – including themselves. The result, a wonderful blend of European and American folk traditions, leaves nothing to be desired...

If there's one thing that you'll take away from Jâca's Breakthrough, it's that there aren't enough clarinet-guitar combo outfits out there. For those who think it sounds like a nightmarish combination... you couldn't be more wrong. And over the course of these 10 tracks (38 min, 58 sec) guitarist, Jaxon Williams, and clarinetist, Wesley Ferreira, have one goal: To educate those who might otherwise turn their nose up at such a weird musical blend.

The resulting album not only showcases the range of both instruments, but beautifully illustrates why both compliment each other so wonderfully. Diversity is key here. Hearing how well both instruments compliment each other over such a wide collection of styles just leaves the listener wanting more.

A wonderfully conceived album which is hard not to instantly warm to.

Track listing:

01 Rêve de L’Enfant Yom (4:20)
02 Tamacun Rodrigo y Gabriela (3:02)
03 Mountain Songs: I. Barbara Allen Robert Beaser (3:33)
04 Mountain Songs: II. The House Carpenter Robert Beaser (2:10)
05 Mountain Songs: III. Cindy Robert Beaser (2:49)
06 Douce Joie Gus Viseur (3:53)
07 Sevillanas Paco Cortés (3:43)
08 Romanza Michele Mangani (4:58)
09 Taistealaí Ama Wesley Ferreira, Jaxon Williams (8:26)
10 Tico Tico no Fubá Zequinha de Abreu (2:10)


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