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Elizabeth Remembered
(Charity Single)


Composer: Debbie Wiseman
Conductor: Debbie Wiseman
Performed by: BBC Concert Orchestra
Label: Silva Screen Records
Release Date: 21 October 2022

Silva Screen Records release the charity single 'Elizabeth Remembered' in aid of The Queen's Commonwealth Trust. The sublime piece, performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra, was composed by Debbie Wiseman OBE. Five years ago, in great secrecy, Wiseman was asked by BBC Events to compose a tender and contemplative piece of music for use by the BBC on the sad occasion of the death of the Queen...

'Elizabeth Remembered' is a textbook example of how to compose an emotional, yet memorable thematic piece of music. I didn't watch much of the footage of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, but I watched a little, including the last few moments. If you had asked me what music I remembered from what I saw I'd probably have guessed that it was some obscure classical piece. In fact I didn't think I recalled any music... Yet, the second I heard this single I instantly recognised it.

The 3 min, 08 sec 'Elizabeth Remembered' was played many times during the BBC’s live coverage of the ceremonies across 10 days of national mourning; and the full 3-minute piece was played at the end of the Queen’s State funeral, following Kirsty Young's emotional final words, and accompanied by a poignant and beautiful montage of images from the events of the day.

Whatever you think of the monarchy there is little argument that for almost all of us, Queen Elizabeth II has been there throughout our lives. In more recent years she gained a new respect for her sense of humour in her appearance in the opening sequence of the 2012 Olympic Games and her "Afternoon Tea with Paddington" sketch that formed part of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. So her passing had an impact on so many. It's not so much that they were losing a head of state, more that their own mortality was suddenly very much front and centre.

Wiseman composes a work that so beautifully captures charm, grace and nobility without ever sounding sickly sweet or leaning on cliched patriotic-esque themes. It's a sweet, loving tribute to a remarkable woman who, in the end, was just like everyone else, a human with her flaws and her strengths.


Darren Rea

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