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Du Und Ich


Artist: Pohgoh
Label: Spartan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 November 2022

Spartan Records issue Pohgoh's third album, Du Und Ich. "Du und ich" is German for "You and I," an us-against-the-world sentiment that permeates through the album's 12 songs (40 min, 10 sec). The four-piece includes Susie Ulrey (vocals/guitar), Matt Slate (guitar), Keith Ulrey (drums) and new bassist Brian Roberts (of Hankshaw)...

Formed in 1994, Pohgoh cut their teeth in the 90's DIY/indie underground with a small league of female-fronted bands of the era like Rainer Maria and Jejune, only to hang it up three years later, leaving behind a sole, posthumous full-length, In Memory of Bab.

Reformed in 2016, their new LP, Du Und Ich, kicks off with an unmistakable indie rock anthem. 'Now I Know', which is arguably the album's most impressive track. And while this album certainly has elements of '90s indie music, not for a second does this feel like a lazy retreading of the past. It is very much a modern indie rock release.

'Weeds' is another memorable, strong track, while 'Planet Houston' uses a cliched country sound as a backdrop to change the tone a little. As the album rumbles on it soon becomes apparent that this is a band that are not only natural performers, but that they also know how to craft memorable songs that really get under your skin. 'I Never Remember My Dreams' is a perfect example of this. A slow, melodic opening is peppered with a rock core before returning to the slow pace of the opening.

This is an album for anyone who lived and loved '90s indie rock, but has grown since then. A lovingly crafted love letter to the past, which delivers a modern upbeat take on a well loved genre.


Nick Smithson

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