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Positioning the Sun


Artist: Quarry
Label: Lowfieye Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 January 2023

Lowfieye Records release Positioning the Sun, the new LP from Quarry. The album was born out of the feeling of living suspended in time during the pandemic. Written and recorded in Milan between 2020 and 2022, the release captures the overwhelming weight of the world’s complications...

Quarry's latest album, Positioning the Sun, is a solid mix of indie rock and pop, with tracks like 'Beyond Any Sense' feeling like a repurposed '70s hit. There's a lot to explore and fall in love with over the course of this release's 11 songs (40 min, 04 sec). Diversity is key here.

There are numerous nods and winks to other artists work. 'New City Comes Along' feels like it's stepped straight off a Morrissey album, while 'Dream Free Dreams' feels like a Spaced single.

It's impressive how timeless and effortless this release feels. Another wonderful work out out born out of the nightmares of the pandemic.


Nick Smithson

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