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Terracotta Watering Stake


Manufacturer: Kikkerland Design
RRP: £9.60
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Item Number: CD680
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The Kikkerland Terracotta Watering Stake is a charming and effective solution to keep your plants thriving even when you're away. Designed to resemble a carrot, this watering stake incorporates slow-release system, by harnessing the power of osmosis to deliver a steady supply of water to your plants. The process is simple: just fill up a wine bottle or standard empty bottle with water, and securely attach it to the stake. As the soil around your plant dries out, the terracotta stake gradually releases the stored water, ensuring your plant receives a consistent and balanced supply. Say goodbye to the worry of returning from a vacation to find your beloved plants withered and parched. With the Terracotta Watering Stake, you can leave for up to two weeks with peace of mind, knowing that your plants will receive the hydration they need to flourish...

There are countless watering spikes/stakes available to buy for your house plants, but few are as eye-catching as Kikkerland's carrot shaped Terracotta Watering Stake. It can be used in two ways. For daily use, when you're at home, you simply fill it up and check on it periodically. Once the water runs low you can top it up... Or, if you're planning on going away for a week or two, you can fill a wine bottle with water, turn it upside down with the neck of the bottle inside the watering stake, ensuring that as the water seeps into the soil, there's plenty in the wine bottle to replace it.

While I'm a keen outdoors gardener, I'm no good at remembering to water the plants indoors (despite the fact I water all the plants in my greenhouse regularly). This watering stake should ensure my plants never whither and die again.

It's the perfect gift for your home... or that hard-to-buy-for friend.

Dimensions: Diam 4.5 x 25 cm.


Darren Rea

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