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PS4 / PS5 Game Review



Gigantic: Rampage Edition


Format: PS4 / PS5
Publisher: Arc Games
Developer: Abstraction Games
RRP: £15.99
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Age Restrictions: 12+
Release Date: 09 April 2024

In this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) hero shooter, choose from a diverse roster of unique heroes, each with a set of upgradeable abilities, and team up with four other players to control objectives and take down the opposing team’s mighty Guardian, all while protecting your own...


The original Gigantic is being given a new lease of life

Gigantic: Rampage Edition is a premium and definitive release of the original 5v5 MOBA hero shooter, Gigantic, that provides a team-based multiplayer experience for fans of both genres.

The original game was released for free in 2017. It only survived for a year before the servers were shut down. This reissue of the game adds more playable characters, more maps and more game modes.

You start off with a simple tutorial, which sets up the basics. And once you've got those down, you soon realise there's very little to the game. The skill, going forward, is team work and keeping ahead of your opponents.

To help you in this quest, you have 23 returning heroes and new heroes to select from, all with their own set of offensive and defensive capabilities, including their own ultimate abilities. The two new heroes include Roland (A world-hardened man, who lost his arm, but gained unparalleled reach) and Kajir (A fast reflexed feline who has a taste for fighting in the alley and streets). There's hero customization and progression that allows you to make your favourite Gigantic hero your own. Build and customize individual hero loadouts that match your playstyle, unlock and choose from a variety of hero and weapon skins, including new skins that weren't in the original game, and unlock additional content for your hero as you progress.


This reissue of the game adds more playable characters

The game is relatively straightforward. You have a mighty guardian which you must protect from the opposing team. You must collect power for your guardian by siphoning power orbs that are housed in summoning circles or killing opposing players and creatures. Once your guardian has enough power it can attack the opposing team's guardian, allowing your team to inflict damage for a limited amount of time. This continues until one of the guardian is defeated.

There are also two new maps: Picaro Bay (A breezy seaside map with verticality, narrow alleyways, and a pirate ship for waging fast paced clashes) and Heaven's Ward (A heavily industrialized district that showcases an old power plant, warehouses, and factories with many nooks and crannies for players to have a blast in).

There are three main modes:

Clash: This is the original game mode from the classic version of Gigantic, offering a deeply strategic and thrilling team-based experience for more epic matches.

Rush: A new game mode that is more accessible, fast-paced and action-packed for all players bringing a streamlined Gigantic experience that lets players jump in and get into the action with ease.

Custom: This lets you create your own matches where you can pick a map, compete against friends to refine your skills on the battlefield. You can also spectate.


Protect your mighty guardian

I did find it a little buggy. When switching character, the character I chose wouldn't appear on the screen. So, I had to actually confirm the character and start the game before I could see what they looked like and view their playing style. While a bit of a pain, I assume most people will pretty much stick to one or two characters.

I did enjoy the vocal acting and the music, both of which are well above average.

While this new release is relatively cheap, the game has already flown... and then crashed and burned once - and that was when the game was free to play. While it's great that it's being given a new leash of life, it remains to be seen how long the servers will remain open if take up isn't what the publisher is expecting.


Darren Rea

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