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Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S Game Review



Lesson Learned
Cult of the Elizabeth


Format: Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S
Publisher: Gaming Factory
Developer: MadGamesmith
RRP: Free
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Release Date: 06 May 2024

Help Amelia on her journey through the Renaissance and enter the bizarre world of dreams. Gather resources, build towers, and fend off waves of Elizabeth Báthory's helpers. Face a horde of fanatics who want to help the aristocrat in her nefarious plans. Free your classmates and use their help to get out of this troublesome dream...


This dreamy world is full of strange and twisted creatures

Lesson Learned: Cult of the Elizabeth is a free to play demo designed to introduce you to the gaming mechanics of Lesson Learned, which is due to be released later this month.

The game is your classic tower defence fair. You, and your classmates must gather resources and deliver them to your moving base. Collect enough resources and you can build constructions to help defend your base from waves of fanatics dressed as alleged serial killer Countess Elizabeth Báthory. Equipped with your trusty catapult, how long can you survive before Báthory defeats you?

This dreamy world is full of strange and twisted creatures that are Báthory minions. Collect resources such as wood and stone to build and upgrade defensive towers. Use your classmates in battle, assign them simple tasks, and defend your base. You can play in either co-op or single player game modes. Embark on this amazing adventure in this crazy world either solo or with a bunch of your best friends in split-screen co-op mode.

It's a fun, addictive demo which is well worth downloading - it's free after all.


Nick Smithson

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