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PS4 / PS5 Game Review



Athenian Rhapsody


Format: PS4 / PS5
Publisher: Top Hat Studios, Inc.
Developer: Nico Papalia
RRP: £11.99
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Age Restrictions: 7+
Release Date: 14 May 2024

Explore the world of Athens in this comedy RPG. Your goal is to build your very own Rhapsody - the story of you (the player) and your epic tale in this world. You'll be faced with many challenges, and you'll have to fight (or hug) your way through the world by either battling, or awkwardly trying to make friends with your opponents through esoteric knowledge, abstract jokes, memory games, and other strange and funny interactions...


Athenian Rhapsody is a novel RPG game

Athenian Rhapsody is a novel RPG game by Nico Papalia, and it's quite obvious from the start that this is a real labour of love. Papalia is clearly a huge fan of the genre and has poured all of the positive and enjoyable elements of many games into one, neat little package.

You start the game having to answer quite a few questions... all of which seem rather odd and disjointed. But the way your answers are woven into the game is quite impressive.

The game features 16 potential party members that you can interact with. There are also plenty of enemies for you to stumble across and either fight or befriend. Another element are the head scratching challenges, such as "Spell Richard" and "Carry A Feather". Can you face off against the infamous 3x3 slide puzzle?

The fight mechanics are familiar and straightforward, but the most fun here is to be had with the interactions with the other characters. Yes, the humour can by a little childish, but overall this is a fun, addictive offering.


Nick Smithson

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