The Secret Seven
Secret Seven Win Through

Narrator: Sarah Greene
BBC Audio
RRP: 9.99
ISBN 1 8460 7174 7
Available 01 May 2006

When their old shed gets a spring clean the Secret Seven have to find a brand new meeting place for the holidays. But no sooner have they found it and settled in than they realise somebody else has been using it too. How dare they? Whoever it is going there at night, and the gang are going to put a stop to it...

Secret Seven Win Through sees another Enid Blyton based audio book released by the BBC. This series is read by Sarah Greene who, I'm happy to report, adds just the right amount of excited wonderment to her reading to ensure that small, wandering minds pay attention.

I remember this series from my childhood, and I was a little disappointed to discover that Enid Blyton's tales have not aged as gracefully as me. I also remember Greene from my childhood and was surprised to see, thanks to the picture of her on the back of the CD case, that she has aged better than me. In all seriousness though, this audio CD will certainly entertain many a small child.

Scamper the spaniel gives the gang their first important clue when he sniffs out a stranger's notebook, and when they read it they realise there's no time to waste. They're determined to catch the mysterious visitor, whatever it takes. So it's time for the Seven to set a trap and see what happens.

In a time when kid's are shunning books and classic stories for violence and mayhem on console games, it's great to see the BBC providing some classic entertainment to try and prevent our younger generation from growing up too soon. This story is unabridged - reproduced here in it's entirety.

Pete Boomer

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