The Quatermass Memoirs

Starring: Andrew Keir and Nigel Kneale
BBC Audio
RRP: 12.99
ISBN 1 846 07105 4
Available 03 July 2006

The thrilling five-part serial from 1996, which mixes new narrative, starring Andrew Keir as Professor Quatermass, with archive footage from the original Quatermass serials, plus narration by writer Nigel Kneale and actual news footage from the 1950s...

Professor Bernard Quatermass saved the world from alien attack three times in the 1950s and in the process became a cult figure as well as being a highly regarded scientist. The Quatermass Memoirs is a twin CD pack that combines recordings of his past adventures with archive news reel material and a narration by the author Nigel Kneale, along with a lengthy interview with the Professor himself. The result is an interesting, and often chilling, walk down memory lane.

This compendium was first broadcast by the BBC back in 1996 to commemorate Quatermass's continued presence in the public consciousness - a job it does splendidly well. Not only are we given a canny insight into the working of the great man's mind, we also get a glimpse into the darker places formed by the horrors he witnesses while leading the British Rocket Group.

By the end of the second CD you really feel that you've gained an understand of why Quatermass has retired to Scotland, away from the modern world but still haunted by his memories. You also start to see just how important a scientist he was and how troubled his past life has left him.

However, the real shock for both the professor and the listener is that our Martian heritage, uncovered in the pit in Hobb's Lane in London in 1959, is still alive and well and as destructive as ever. Quatermass might be in retirement but he's still very much a man of the moment and one whose help we might need any day soon...

Anthony Clark

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