Agatha Christie: Marple
The Moving Finger

Starring: Geraldine McEwan
Granada Ventures
RRP: 9.99
Certificate: PG
Available 17 July 2006

After a serious motorcycle accident, the dashing Jerry Burton arrives in the sleepy village of Lymstock with his sister Joanna to recuperate. Their expectations of peace and quiet are quickly dashed when they discover a poison pen-writer is at large in the village. Together Miss Marple and Jerry set out to stop the malicious messages before they result in another tragedy. Little do they know that they will ultimately unveil a murderer...

As with the other releases in this series there are a whole heap of actors in The Moving Finger that will be familiar to you, and that you probably wouldn't have expected to turn up in a serious drama. Thelma Barlow (Coronation Street's Mavis Riley); Kelly Brook; Harry Enfield; John Sessions; and Jessica Stevenson (Spaced's Daisy Steiner). Other well know faces, who we know are up to the task include Keith Allan, Francis de la Tour, Emilia Fox, Imogen Stubbs and Ken Russell.

To be quite honest though everyone turns in fantastic performances - although it was obvious that they'd kept Brook's lines down to a bare minimum. Also, and this is an insult aimed towards the makeup department not the actress, the scene were Megan Symmington (played by Talulah Riley) is revealed wearing makeup and looking like a 'proper lady' actually looks awful. In fact I was reminded of the alien in Close Encounters of the Third Kind - very pale skin and lots of white light.

This episode opens and closes with some of the worst back screen projection filming I've ever seen. And can anyone explain why Marple hardly appears in this episode? Very mysterious.

But that's me just being picky. At the end of the day this is a murder mystery that you'll have a nightmare working out and the end result is well worth the wait.

The only real extra is an interesting behind the scenes featurette.

Agatha Christie fans will be intrigued by this adaptation.

Amber Leigh

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