CSI: New York
Season 2 - Part 2

Starring: Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, Carmine Giovinazzo, Anna Belknap, Hill Harper and Eddie Cahill
Momentum Pictures
RRP: 39.99
Certificate: 15
Available 23 October 2006

Set in the city that never sleeps,
CSI: New York is the latest spin-off from the hugely popular CSI series. Following on from Vegas and Miami, this CSI has a distinct New York City flavour and style. Dealing with a city with a three hundred year history and eight million residents is a whole different ball game...

The second half of Season Two of CSI: New York contains some cracking episodes and we get to revisit a few cases. Danny's involvement with the Tanglewood boys comes under the microscope again; Aiden Burn makes a few more appearances; and the D.J. Pratt storyline is continued.

Almost every episode in this box set is worth commenting on. Highlights include:

Stuck on You follows the investigation of two murders. The first sees a model killed when someone shoots a bow and arrow at the man she is making out with. The arrow pierces his body, but kills her. The second murder is of a man who is found in the street with his face covered in glue. The only slight problem I had with this is that I couldn't understand why the CSI team spent ages searching for the box and arrow. They know it belongs to the guy who was shot, so why not ask him where it is instead of searching his premises? It's not like he has anything to hide.

Fare Game sees the CSI team hot on the heels of a murderer who is taking part in a New York wide hitman game. This sees hundreds of people who each have been given a folder with a picture of one of the other gamers inside it as well as their phone number, address and work address. The idea is that everyone has to track their prey and then "kill them" with a water pistol shot or water bomb - they then take their envelope and go after their victim's target prey. The idea is that the last man "alive" is the winner.

Cool Hunter is interesting in as much as it's one of those episodes where nothing is as it seems and it takes some serious luck on the part of the CSI team to piece everything together. One of the more clever episodes in the show's run so far.

Necrophilia Americana is quite a gory episode. When a colony of flesh eating insects are let loose in a museum they end up eating a woman's face away. But, was she already dead before they attacked her? This also sees an interesting use of style which revolves around a young boy and his comic book. The producers opted to tell some of the story in the same visual format as the comic book - which works really well.

Live Or Let Die has an interesting b-plot. A woman is found murdered in an alley way and several possible suspects are tracked down. They all claim not to know her, but they've spoken to her several times on the phone over the last month. One of the suspects we know has met her as she had his business card with both his and her fingerprints on it.

Super Men sees the discovery of the body of a costumed vigilante. As the CSI team starts to investigate they discover a number of strange situations. These include the victim's clothes and glasses left in a phone booth, the fact that his name is Clark and even his death seems to be at the hands of Kryptonite!??!

Run Silent, Run Deep sees Danny having to relive his shady past when a body is discovered under a football field. All indications are that the Tanglewood gang are involved again. But when Mac discovers a piece of evidence that puts Danny at the scene of the crime he is torn between convicting his friend and proving his innocence.

All Access is only really worth mentioning as there is a rather meaty b-plot featuring Stella and her boyfriend. It's just a shame that the writers didn't include more background on their relationship in previous episodes. We only really get to see them in the episode before this. It's very difficult to feel anything for Stella's partner. If we'd had a bit more screen exposure to their relationship I think that this episode would have been a lot more shocking.

Heroes should really have been this season's finale (I'm sure they could have worked the Flack storyline in somehow - in fact, they could have easily incorporated the storyline of Charge of This Post as both episodes deal with the Marines) as it's such a well thought through episode. It brings to a close an ongoing story arc and the two main stories are both very moving - down to Mac's involvement with both subjects.

Oddly enough there isn't a single audio commentary in this collection. What we do get are the following featurettes: A New Look From The 35th Floor: CSI NY Set Tour (8 and a half mins exploration of the set); Top Of The Heap: The Cast And Crew Look At Season 2 (10 mins featurette); Heroes (7 mins Behind the Scenes featurette on the episode Heroes); and Following The Finale (6 mins).

At the end of the day this is an almost faultless release - and certainly one that will please CSI: New York fans.

Amber Leigh

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