Barry Norman's Interactive Film Quiz

Presented by: Barry Norman
Liberation Entertainment
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: E
Available 06 November 2006

Barry Norman is still highly regarded as a film aficionado, making him the perfect question master for this, the ultimate film quiz. Designed to test the film knowledge of the whole family, this interactive DVD is packed with clips from a huge collection of blockbusting, cinematic greats, hand-picked to expertly cater for fans of every film genre...

Barry Norman's Interactive Film Quiz is one of the many interactive DVD quiz games currently being released in the run up to Christmas 2006. While the majority of these DVDs have been hit or miss (with the majority being "miss"), Barry Norman's offering hits the nail on the head.

At long last here's an interactive DVD that uses the format correctly. Instead of randomly generating questions (which on other releases can be repeated a little too frequently) this DVD offers you a choice of 16 "Screens". Each "Screen" consists of 25 multiple choice questions.

All you need to do then is divide yourselves into teams (or you can play alone) and write down your answers. After every question you have the option to repeat it or continue to the next one. Then, after all 25 question have been answered you have the option of repeating individual questions (in case you missed any out) or have the answers revealed.

The great thing about this release is the fact that everyone has to answer the same questions, making it a much fairer quiz. On the negative side you could argue that once you've played all 16 games then the DVD is useless. However, I'd argue that that is not the case. For starters 16 games is a lot unless you fancy sitting down and playing them all over a few nights. And, unlike similar quiz DVDs, you won't get the same questions repeated in the same game.

The difficulty of the questions are just right too and on even the really tricky ones you can make an educated guess. There is also a nice mix of old and new movies in each game - guaranteeing that all the family should be able to answer some of the questions.

Add to this the fact that you get a score sheet pad, four free cinema tickets, six free DVD rentals and money off vouchers (all of which are redeemed at Vue cinemas and online rental website), and you have yourself a pretty impressive release with loads of freebies for the movie lover in your family.

If you are thinking of buying an interactive DVD then make sure it's this one.

Darren Rea

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