Carry On Quizzing

Presented by: Richard O'Brien
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 06 November 2006

Presented by
Carry On fan Richard O'Brien with questions compiled by Carry On expert Robert Ross, Carry On Quizzing is a fun-filled romp through the world of Carry On. Teams of up to four can pit their wits against each other as they make a final spurt for the finish line - Ooh Matron! Naughty but nice family entertainment...

Carry On Quizzing is an interactive DVD quiz that will sort the Sid James' from the Bernard Bernard Bresslaws'.

To be honest, of all the interactive quiz DVDs we've had in to review recently (and believe me there have been a lot) this is the one that is the fairest, due to the fact that all teams are asked the same question.

This could prove problematic though if you are playing in teams and need to confer before giving the answer - you wouldn't want to help the other side now would you?

The only other real negative was the fact that Richard O'Brien's links become annoying after about five seconds. In fact, take away his camper than camp comments and this would have scored an extra mark - I'm sorry, but his smug face will probably prevent me from playing this as often as I'd like.

Carry On fans will have their general knowledge tested to the limits. But don't think you're in for an easy ride, as the questions are not, on the whole, going to be easy for the casual Carry On fan.

Pete Boomer

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