Coronation Street Game

RRP: 19.99
Certificate: PG
Available 06 November 2006

Test your knowledge of
Coronation Street, the UK's longest running and ever popular soap, offering fun for all the family with questions based around classic clips, stills and storylines from the very beginning to the present day. Whatever your age, if you are a Corrie fan this is the quiz for you...

If you are a Coronation Street fan then the idea of this interactive DVD will probably appeal to you. You start the game by choosing which character you want to be from the Street (there's a choice of eight to choose from) and then you can play alone or in teams/players of 2-4.

You play the game by answering a question from one of the categories (randomly chosen for you. If you get the question right you have passed that category and must continue until you have answered a question correctly from each category. However, be warned, if you answer a question incorrectly in a category you have already passed, you have to re-answer a question in that category to proceed. The winner is the player who is the first to answer a question in all categories correctly.

On the negative side, there are far more questions that relate to the modern episodes (within the last few years) than to any other period, and it would have been nice to have had more of a spread from the history of the show. Also we soon twigged that the majority of answers seemed to be "A" - which took a lot of the fun out of playing. Another annoying aspect was the fact that questions were repeated a little too often for comfort.

Sad to say that after playing this just the once we came to the conclusion that the odds were very slim that we would ever play it again. As a novel Boxing Day family game this will provide little more than an hour's entertainment over the Christmas period - but then if you are a die-hard Corrie fan you may well get a lot more use out it.

Pete Boomer

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