Saint & Greavsie's Football Quiz

Presented by: Ian St John and Jimmy Greaves
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: E
Available 06 November 2006

Test your footie knowledge with the much-loved retro football show from yesteryear. A generation of football fans grew up with
Saint and Greavsie on Saturday afternoons, providing sometimes-insightful commentary, but more often than not, an amusingly irrelevant look at the week in football...

Saint and Greavsie's Football Quiz is an interactive DVD for one to two players or teams. The questions are either video clips, with a 'what happened next' motif or static multi-choice answers.

To be honest it's hard to know what to make of this and maybe I'm not the best person to review it as my interest in football extends to knowing what it is and who a few players are. This I attest to having been beaten up as a teenager for not liking football, which coloured my view of those that do. Still, I also have fond memories of whiling away the odd Saturday in the company of Ian St John and Jimmy Greaves, mostly because they found so much humour in two teams of grown men kicking a bladder around a field.

The DVD is pretty easy to use and follows the format of jolly banter, the aforementioned multiple choice or video questions and then scores. You can choose to play as either Scotland or England, a fact I presume reflects the nationalities of the hosts rather than a dislike of Wales or Ireland.

Visually, the shots of S & G look like they have been shot on a digital camera without a proper white balance, making the over bright cheap set a bit of a blinder, this is not a DVD to put on with a hangover. The quality of the excerpts from various matches is understandably variable, but the overall effect is of a game with pretty low production values.

Even as a non-football fan it's obvious that this game should not be played on your own, but rather with a few mates after a liberal libation, as a solitary pastime it's less than satisfying.

Charles Packer

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