Sale of the Century Interactive DVD Game

Presented by: Nicholas Parsons
2 Entertain Video
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: E
Available 06 November 2006

"And now from Norwich, it's the quiz of the week!" At those famous words millions of viewers would settle down to one of the most popular game shows ever. Now, you can compete in the renowned show at home Move through five rounds of themed questions, earning - and losing - money as you go. At the end of each round, the winning player (or team) proceeds to the prize board and the chance of increasing their winnings by snapping up a bargain. As the game progresses the value of the questions increases - until the final, nail-biting, against-the-clock round...

I must admit to being a little confused as to why a quiz show of a series that has not been on TV for years was deemed worthy of it's own DVD quiz. Straight away the core DVD buying market (anyone under 30) is alienated. Most of them won't have even seen the show.

Elements of this DVD make it both one of the best and worst interactive DVD games on the market. On the positive side at long last we get a general knowledge DVD where the questions are just right - no stupidly simple questions here.

However, on the negative side this has to be about the most unfair game on the planet. I can't remember the TV show all that well (I remember it, just not the whole format), but if it was the same as this DVD version (and I suspect it was) it has to be about the most unfair quiz on the planet. For starters if you are clever than your opponent at the end of every round you enter a prize board (in which you can win some virtual reality prizes). However, get the answer wrong (or don't answer in time) and you lose money. This can mean that the brainier contestant can end up behind those not as intelligent.

For example. If you win all the rounds, but fail to win on the prize board, you can find yourself trailing behind your fellow contestants. Therefore a strategy that we soon worked out was to not come at the top of the pile after each round of questions - that way you don't run the risk of losing points on the prize board.

In all honesty this seems a crazy way to win a quiz - by deliberately holding back - and the whole idea is greatly flawed. Having said that if you just keep you own scores and ignore the results of the prize rounds, this is quite good fun.

Pete Boomer

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