Charlie Chaplin
The Essential Film Music Collection

Composer: Charlie Chaplin and Carl Davis
Silva Screen
RRP: £12.99
SILCD 1198
Available 20 April 2006

This comprehensive 2 CD set is the latest instalment in Silva Screen's "Essential" catalogue. Featuring music composed by Charlie Chaplin for his feature films as well as Carl Davis's new scores for the magnificent Mutual Films shorts...

The Essential Film Music Collection is a two disc collection of music composed for Charlie Chaplin movies. The first disc includes highlights from Chaplins's musical scores for some of his most well known movies. The second disc includes Carl Davis's new orchestrated scores for 12 of Chaplins's short films - a project that Davis began in 1992, scoring one or two of the films each year.

Charlie Chaplin was not only a great actor, writer and producer, but he was an incredibly talented composer. His music puts a lot of modern composers to shame. There are several songs that most people will have heard but have no idea that Chaplin wrote, including Smile, Eternity and This is My Song.

Davis's music is equally of merit - an obvious labour of love - and wonderfully complements Chaplins's short movies. His style is similar to Chaplin, which is a relief - it would have been so disappointing to hear music that didn't fit in with the musical style of his later films.

Whether you are a serious fan of Charlie Chaplin, or just a collector of beautiful film scores, this collection is perfect in every way. It's not just a collection of music from some old black and white films, it's also represents a beautiful collection of classical music - a joy from beginning to end.

Nick Smithson

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