Cars Torch

RRP: 7.99
Ages: 3+
7 638900 270242


Keep on the right track with the trusty, weatherproof
Cars Torch, perfect for a sleepover or when camping out in the garden. It comes in a bold red colour to match Cars's very own racer himself, Lightening McQueen...

Reviewing this product took me back to being a cub scout. I fondly remember having a torch that allowed you to send morse code messages - although the only message I knew how to send was S.O.S.

There's nothing overly impressive about this item. It's just a torch with Cars branding on it. There are three settings - on, off and a button that allows you to flash the beam on and off. There's also a carry handle with a Cars logo made out of plastic attached. The front of the torch also has a Cars logo that is made from translucent orange plastic - allowing light through as well as the main beam. I'm not really sure what this is for - other than cosmetic and to remind you that it's a Cars product - but it looks cool.

While the overall construction is fairly rugged, I was not so impressed with the fact that the images of the cars was already starting to peel off when I got this out of its packaging.

The price is not bad though, especially when you consider that you get 2 x AA batteries included.

Pete Boomer