Ducktor Who
Light up rubber duck

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Ages: 1+
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Ducktor Who is a must-have for Doctor Who fans everywhere. Perfect for time travelling adventures in the bath. Place the Glow in the Duck in water and watch the water-activated LED bulbs light up and change colour inside the duck. The light goes out when the duck is removed from the water...

If you know a Doctor Who fan who insists on buying everything from the planet Gallifrey, then this could be the ultimate gift for them. It won't break the bank and is sure to brighten up bath times - and could even be used to entice young children into the bath more regularly. When you place this in the water it glows, with the colour changing as it bobs around.

Ducktor Who consist of a sealed unit containing batteries and LED bulbs. According to the blurb on the back of the box the battery lifetime of the duck is about 45 hours use - this is the equivalent of 180, fifteen minute baths. The only problem I had with this is that the unit is sealed (with what appears to be glue) and the instructions claim that the battery is none replaceable. The odd thing is that the bottom looks like it would come off, if someone hadn't glued it shut. I've bought items like this before where it is claimed that it is not possible to replace the battery, but after dismantling them I've discovered that this was obviously just a ploy to get you to go back and buy another one once the battery has died.

To be perfectly honest though, you should own a dozen or more of these and sit in the bath with the lights off. About the best fun you can have in the bath... alone... possibly.

The Ducktor Who toy is better or worse than the Duck Fadar version - depending on what you want from it. On the negative side this is just a normal rubber duck, but with a scarf painted on it - the Duck Fadar model at least has a Darth Vader style helmet that actually makes it look like a Star Wars themed duck.

On the plus side, Ducktor Who does light up fully (the Duck Fadar duck's light could only be seen through its body and eyes because of the aforementioned helmet).

This is still one of the best pocket money priced items I've seen in a long time. And one that is sure to brings hours of fun to its owner.

Nick Smithson

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