Sophie in the Saddle

Read by: Bernard Cribbins
BBC Audio
RRP: 5.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 8460 7126 3
ISBN-10: 1 84607 126 7
Available 08 January 2007

Sophie wants to be a lady farmer when she grows up, and she has a large collection of animals. She already has herds of insects, a rabbit and a cat and now she has a puppy too - Puddles the terrier has joined the family, named and trained by Sophie. But now she's discovered pony riding...

The Sophie stories, written by Dick King-Smith, are perennial classics, loved by generations of children. These tales follow the adventures of a confident, animal-loving little girl, who has many exciting adventures.

Over the years King-Smith has produced a total of six books featuring Sophie. These include Sophie's Snail (1988); Sophie Hits Six (1991); Sophie's Tom (1991); Sophie in the Saddle (1993); Sophie Is Seven (1994); and Sophie's Lucky (1995).

Arguably King-Smith's most famous book is The Sheep-Pig. No? None the wiser? If I was to tell you that it was republished as Babe the Gallant Pig...? Yes, that's right we've got him to thank for the movie Babe.

Sophie in the Saddle is an entertaining tale. Sophie has travelled to Cornwall for the summer holidays, she stays on a farm, meets some new friends and starts riding lessons. She also learns to swim, encounters an old enemy on the beach and has her first ever horseback ride on Bumblebee, a grey pony: she turns out to be a natural rider. When she learns that riding lessons are very expensive, she is sad to have to stop until next summer - but luckily Aunt Al comes to the rescue.

This CD is read by Bernard Cribbins. And I can think of no one better to bring this story to life than him. I have fond memories of hearing his voice reading audio cassettes when I was a young girl and it's great to see that he is still entertaining a new generation of small children with his perfect delivery.

Sophie in the Saddle is the perfect CD for a young horse-crazy girl - or any young child who enjoys a good old fashioned story.

Amber Leigh

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