Lunar Jim
Crashing Comets

BBC Audio
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ISBN-13: 978 1 40567 717 2
ISBN-10: 1 40567 717 1
Available 05 February 2007

Jim and his team - Rover the Robot Dog, Ripple the Super Space Mechanic, Eco the Farmer, and T.E.D. the Technical Equipment Device - live on Blue Moon L22, the second-to-last moon on the edge of the Milky Way. Focusing on exploration and inquiry, Lunar Jim explores the world around him with his rallying cry: "Let's get lunar!"...

For those unfamiliar with the pre-school TV show Lunar Jim, the easiest way to describe it is Bob the Builder in space. In fact, it's a little like a cross between Bob the Builder and Tiny Planets (with Bing and Bong).

Crashing Comets includes the soundtrack to eight episodes of the TV series. Little minds will be transported into a world of discovery and excitement with these stories about Jim and his astronaut friends.

Episodes include:

Up Up and Away (Almost): Jim sets off to explore the mysterious Crystal Caves, and is in for an adventure.

Jim Gets Mucky: Ripple makes a Garden-Bot to help Eco - but it's out of control.

The Whistling Crater: There's a strange whistling noise at Moona Luna - what could it be?

Wrong Way,Ted!: Rover is out of range - in an unexplored part of the lunar surface.

Pest Problem: Something is eating its way through Eco's plants: what can it be?

That's Odd... Where's the Pod?: The supply pod goes missing, and strange tracks in the lunar dust are Jim's only clue...

Recipe for Rover: Rover gets into trouble, and all the lunar vehicles have broken down. Can Jim save him?

Running on Empty: Rover is running low on power, and Ted is rusting up. Jim and Ripple have to help them.

All the episodes are interesting and will keep young fans of the TV show amused in the car or when in bed. There is also additional commentary on each episode which explains some of the action that is going on.

A great priced addition to any parent's CD collection.

Pete Boomer

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