The Good Life
Volume Three - Mutiny

Starring: Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal, Paul Eddington and Penelope Keith
BBC Audio
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ISBN-10: 1 40567 727 9
Available 02 April 2007

Four original BBC television episodes of the much-loved classic sitcom starring Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal, Paul Eddington and Penelope Keith. Surbiton's most famous residents bring their endearingly funny mix of self-reliance and snobbery to audio, in another collection of hilarious episodes...

Mutiny is the third double CD collection which sees the classic '70s BBC TV series being transferred to audio CDs. Each episode also has additional commentary by Penelope Keith that helps to flesh out some of the action that is going on in the episodes. Keith is used sparingly, and thankfully only explains what is going on when it is absolutely necessary.

Episodes in this collection include:

The Guru of Surbiton (originally broadcast on 12 December 1975): Two students arrive to help out Tom and Barbara in the garden, and hail Tom as their new messiah. A lot of the gags here revolve around the fact that the female student fancies Tom, while the male student looks up to Tom as a role model - much to Barbara's amusement. It's interesting to see that students in the '70s were looked upon as the dregs of society - a lot like travellers are now.

Mr Fix-It (originally broadcast on 19 December 1975): A freelance reporter writes a story about the Goods, and Margo and Jerry try to use the publicity for their own benefit. This episode sees the first mention of Margo's appearance in the local amateur dramatics society production of The Sound of Music - something that comes to a head in the last episode in this collection. Jerry acts as the Good's manager as he talks local businesses into using the Good endorsement on their products in exchange for various goods and services - with his commission being a boat from one of the local businesses. But when everything falls through everyone has more than egg on their faces.

The Day Peace Broke Out (originally broadcast on 02 January 1976): Someone has been stealing leeks from Tom's garden. When he shoots the thief with an air rifle, he is charged with assault and has to go to court. This episode sees Tom standing up for his principles, by refusing to be bound over to keep the peace. He claims he can't make a promise that he won't break the law again if another thief steals from him. So, the judge sends him to jail for 30 days. After two days the pressure is beginning to show and Jerry has some serious advice.

Mutiny (originally broadcast on 09 January 1976): Jerry's boss asks him to put up a Dutch businessman on the same night Margo is playing Maria in The Sound of Music. When he refuses, he is sacked - can the Goods help? This episode sees the big opening night for Margo's starring role in The Sound of Music. As she is having difficulties remembering her lines things don't look too promising. Meanwhile Jerry's sacking makes the Leadbetters realise that the Goods are probably their only true friends, when Jerry's work associates all shun him once they realise he is unemployed.

All four episodes in this collection are as funny now as they were back in the mid-'70s. Grab yourself a slice of classic BBC comedy.

Pete Boomer

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