In Conversation with Ian Fairbairn

Starring: Ian Fairbairn
Fantom Films
RRP: 7.99
Available 04 June 2007

In Conversation with Ian Fairbairn is an audio interview from Fantom Films. For most viewers, of a certain age, myself included, he is best remembered for his parts in the brilliant Timeslip and a number of appearances in Doctor Who. Ian comes over as a very open and avuncular person who unfortunately has always been a television bridesmaid and rarely the bride. He recounts the highlights of his thirty year career with good humour and an insightful amount of self deprivation, which makes him all the more human and interesting to listen to.

If you're over forty Ian is a character actor with whom you will have grown up with - the type of actor who you instantly recognised, even if you couldn't quite place the name. As well as the aforementioned shows Ian also popped up in, amongst others, Adam Adamant, Van Der Valk, The Lotus Eaters (I remember the show - made me cry) and The Onedin Line.

Of course, with such a long career much of what genre fans will want discussed is skimped over, but that does little to detract from listening to Ian recounting his past.

The disc runs for around an hour, audio is nice and clear and Ian has a pleasant voice to listen to.

Charles Packer