Trevor's World of Sport
Series One

Author: Andy Hamilton
Starring: Neil Pearson, Paul Reynolds, Michael Fenton Stevens and Rosalind Ayres
BBC Audio
RRP: 15.99
ISBN: 978 1 405 67810 0
Available 06 August 2007

Trevor and Sammy are the movers and shakers at TS Sports Stars agency. Friends for twenty years, and business partners for nine, they are chalk and cheese. Trevor is thoughtful, honest and sensitive while Sammy is a rapacious dealmaker with the morals of a hyena. In these six episodes, we follow Trevor and his partner as they deal, in their very different ways, with colleagues and clients...

Trevor's World of Sport is written by Andy Hamilton and while the comedy takes place in a sports setting it's not essential that you are a sports fan. This series reminded me a lot of Drop the Dead Donkey - which Hamilton also wrote.

Series One of the radio series revolves around the employees of the TS Sports Stars agency. In amongst all the office politics, we get to meet some of the odd sports personalities that the agency represents, as well as some of the office staffs' families.

While Sammy spends most of his time lusting after their highly intelligent lesbian receptionist Heirdrun, Trevor finds himself grappling with egotists, opportunists, raging alcoholics and religious extremists - not to mention naive footballer Jason; a Buddhist; a polar explorer; someone called Biggsy; an impossibly difficult tennis star and of course Ralph, the ultimate client from hell. Then there's his estranged wife Meryl, and his son, Toby - who is a teenager, with all the horror that entails. For Trevor, life is a shark tank, and it's a constant struggle to stay afloat.

While not one of the best comedy series I've ever heard (sadly a lot of the jokes can be heard coming from a hundred miles away) this CD collection is still pretty amusing.

Nick Smithson

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