Hercule Poirot in Dead Man's Folly

Author: Agatha Christie
Starring: John Moffatt, Julia McKenzie, Rosalind Knight and Michael Cochrane
BBC Audio
RRP: 12.99
ISBN: 978 1 4056 7720 2
Available 10 September 2007

Ariadne Oliver, Queen of Crime Fiction, has been asked to devise a Murder Hunt for a fete at Nasse House, the home of Sir George Stubbs. But she begins to suspect that someone is manipulating the scenario of her game and fears that something very sinister is being planned. She sends for her old friend Hercule Poirot. At first he is not inclined to take her very seriously, but soon, a series of events propels him to change his mind. Then suddenly, all of Ariadne's worst fears are realised when the girl playing the part of the murder victim is found strangled in the boathouse. For Hercule Poirot, the Murder Hunt has become a grim reality...

Hercule Poirot in Dead Man's Folly was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 between 06-27 August 2007. This full-cast dramatisation stars John Moffatt as the great Belgian detective, with Julia McKenzie as Ariadne Oliver, the queen of crime fiction.

While the time period for this audio drama is never really made obvious, the production has been brought bang up to date. I'd guess it is still set in the original time period of the book - as there are no mobile phones etc. The end result is a play that both new comers and die-hard fans of Agatha Christie will enjoy.

The acting is without fault, and to be honest I'm hoping that this series is popular enough to warrant the BBC spending more time and money recording and releasing additional stories in the near future.

New life has been breathed into this classic murder mystery - all Poirot fans will want to own this.

Nick Smithson

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