The Archers
Ambridge Affairs - Love Triangles

Starring: Alan Devereux, Hedli Niklaus, Buffy Davis and Barry Farrimond
BBC Audio
RRP: 12.99
ISBN: 978 1 405 67733 2
Available 01 October 2007

Two stories of love, lust, happiness and heartache from Britain's longest-running and best-loved radio serial. While there are tears and traumas aplenty for some Ambridge residents, others find passion and fulfilment in these two stories of romantic rivalry...

Pub landlord Sid Perks is led astray when his keep-fit regime at the local gym leads to a steamy affair with Jolene Rogers, a country-and-western singer with a figure strongly reminiscent of Dolly Parton. After a traumatic divorce from wife Kathy, Sid marries Jolene and they prove to be a successful partnership, transforming The Bull.

But for Emma Carter, choosing a husband is not so straightforward. She finds herself in a state of emotional turmoil, torn between loyal, devoted Will Grundy and his dangerous bad-boy brother Ed. Her inability to pick one over the other brings about fraternal quarrels, a wedding, a family feud, a divorce and a paternity dispute over baby George...

For Archers addicts and new listeners alike, the ups and downs and emotional storms of these two love stories make for riveting listening. The rivalry of the Grundy brothers Will and Ed over Emma Carter brings about a car crash, a wedding, a family feud, a divorce, a paternity dispute over baby George, and other disasters.

Fans of The Archers will want to add this to their collection.

Pete Boomer

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