Trevor's World of Sport
Series Two

Author: Andy Hamilton
Starring: Neil Pearson, Paul Reynolds, Michael Fenton Stevens and Rosalind Ayres
BBC Audio
RRP: £15.99
ISBN: 978 1 405 67811 7
Available 01 October 2007

Trevor and Sammy are the movers and shakers at TS Sports Stars agency. Friends for twenty years, and business partners for nine, they are chalk and cheese. Trevor is thoughtful, honest and sensitive while Sammy is a rapacious dealmaker with the morals of a hyena. In these six episodes, we follow Trevor and his partner as they deal, in their very different ways, with colleagues and clients...

Welcome back to TS Sports Stars Agency as we rejoin Trevor and Sammy, who continue to deal with their bizarre clientele in their own, very different ways while trying to keep on top of the personal catastrophes going on in the rest of the office.

This second series of the Radio 4 show from the pen of Andy Hamilton reunites the staff of the TS office, along with guest appearances from Jake Wood (EastEnders) and Gina Yashere, for a journey through the cut-throat world of sporting celebrity.

Sammy's moral compass is still pointing a little south of the truth as he justifies chasing 'unreasonable' traffic wardens and endeavours to romance lesbian receptionist Heidrun. Trevor, meanwhile, is trying to keep his scruples while grappling with a racist young tennis star, a psychotic footballer with a penchant for threesomes with Brazilian twins, an over-the-hill rugby veteran and an obnoxious paralympic medal winner. Barry, as ever, is the thorn in everyone's side, and on top of everything, Trevor's estranged wife Meryl is writing a novel about the collapse of a fictional marriage that sounds a little too familiar.

This series suffers from a lot of the problems that Series One was victim to - not overly funny gags that you can see coming from a million miles away. While this series is pretty amusing at times, it's certainly not overly cerebral. But, if you like your laughs straight-up and obvious then you'll find this a hoot.

While it's not Andy Hamilton's finest work, there's still enough belly laughs to keep you entertained for the show's duration. Although, whether you'll want to listen to it more than once is debatable.

Nick Smithson

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