Dalek Empire 4: The Fearless
Part 2

Starring: Noel Clarke, Maureen O’Brien and Sarah Mowat
Big Finish Productions
RRP: £10.99
ISBN: 978 1 84435 301 9
Available 30 November 2007

The Earth Alliance stands on the brink of victory against the deadly Daleks in the Kedru System. But at what cost will this triumph be won, and will it all have been worth it? Meanwhile, deep within the Dalek Empire, Susan Mendes, the so-called “Angel of Mercy”, prepares for her latest mission. But is she really a help or actually a hindrance to the efforts of the human resistance...?

Part 2 of The Fearless gets straight down to business, kicking off with an exciting space battle and shouting Daleks aplenty.

Salus Kade (Noel Clarke) also does his fair share of shouting, both before the battle and, especially, after it. The intensity of Clarke’s performance here may come as something of a surprise to listeners (myself included) who know him primarily for his role as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who - though the actor points out, in a brief interview at the end of the disc, that the cowardly Mickey of the 2005 series is very much the exception to the rule in terms of the roles he has played during his career to date.

Susan Mendes (Sarah Mowat) enters the story properly during the second half of this episode. These scenes reacquaint us with her character and her dubious dual role as both a caring symbol of hope and a collaborator of the Daleks.

I guessed the revelation made at the episode’s climax quite early on, and (without giving too much away) it isn’t really that much of a threat, given that this serial is set during the first Dalek Empire series. But will that deter me from eagerly shoving the next instalment into my CD player? No fear!

Richard McGinlay

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