King of the Hill
Season 5

Starring (voice): Mike Judge, Pamela Adlon, Kathy Najimy and Brittany Murphy
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
RRP: 24.99
Certificate: 12
Available 26 February 2007

Hank Hill is facing trying times. His presidential candidate of choice, George W. Bush, has a limp handshake, his wife and son prefer barbecuing with charcoal over his precious propane, and his new co-worker from Oklahoma has taken up some illegal after-hours employment on a street corner. However, in true
King of the Hill style, we can always count on Hank to do the right thing by his town, his friends, his family and his country...

The Fifth Season of King of the Hill chronicles another momentous year for everyone's favourite redneck family, The Hills. Bobby Hill, turns the momentous age of 13. He becomes the school mascot and demonstrates his maturity by saving the life of a drowning pig at the country fair. Hank's niece Luanne shows less great judgement when she decides to vote communist because she likes the candidate's red tie, and Peggy allows her ambitious nature to get the best of her when she and Minh compete to see who can donate the most blood.

Highlights of this collection of 20 episodes include:

The Perils of Polling: Hank becomes disillusioned with the whole idea of voting after he meets his preferred candidate George W Bush, and is shocked to learn he has a limp handshake. Bobby saves a diving pig from drowning at the town's annual fair and becomes a hero.

The Buck Stops Here: Bobby gets a summer job working for his dad's boss. He was only supposed to be his golf caddy, but Mr Strickland takes a shine to the young man, as he reminds him of himself at that age, and the two start to hang out more. When Bobby uses foul language at home Hank is disturbed to discover that he learnt it from his boss. Rebelling, Bobby moves in with Mr Strickland, who is probably the worst influence for such a impressionable young boy. Meanwhile Peggy gets into a battle with a neighbour while giving blood - both are eager to give the most blood and therefore win the much coveted "Give Blood" mug.

Spin the Choice: We learn why Dale's son Joseph doesn't look anything like Dale - his real father is a native American. Joseph has no idea that Mr Redcorn is his real father. All Mr Redcorn wants to do is pass on his ancestors customs and history to his son, but Joseph has no interest. Bobby, on the other hand, hears about the injustices that befell Mr Redcorn's people, thanks to the white man, and decides to protest at the upcoming Thanksgiving Festival. Meanwhile, Peggy goes a little crazy and invents a new game, which is totally unplayable, for all their friends and family to play at Thanksgiving.

When Cotton Comes Marching Home: Hank's father, Cotton, comes to town for the Veteran's Day parade, but has no intention of looking up his son. Hank soon discovers that Cotton, his young wife and their baby, have become homeless. Cotton ends up getting a job working in a restaurant as a greeter. After making a scene he is demoted to toilet attendant. When he asks for time off to take part in the Veteran's parade his boss won't let him, much to Hank's anger.

Twas the Nut Before Christmas: It's almost Christmas and Hank's neighbour, Bill, is a little sad because he's never experienced the joy of bringing up children at Christmas. He spends a small fortune on turning his house into Santa's grotto and dressing as Santa and giving away presents to all the children that come to his house. He enjoys himself so much, that once Christmas is over he continues to dress as Santa and keeps his decorations up. He manages to end up treating one drunken teenage slob as his own son - but Bill has no idea that the yob is simply using him.

Hank and the Great Glass Elevator: While on a lads only weekend, Hank accidentally moons the governor while in a glass elevator. Bill takes the blame and ends up dating the governor. Everything is going great until Bill's ex-wife appears on the scene and tries to ruin Bill's new life. Meanwhile Peggy and Bobby have discovered that burgers cooked on a charcoal barbecue are much, much tastier than those cooked on a propane fuelled barbecue. The two get constant cravings for charcoal cooked food, but must keep this from Hank, who has spent his life pushing propane - as he works for a propane gas company.

Ho, Yeah!: Hank's boss has hired a new secretary and it's obvious that Mr Strickland has only employed her for her looks. Peggy befriends her and before they know what has happened she is moving in with them. It soon becomes clear to all, but the Hills, that this woman is a prostitute.

Hank's Choice: Bobby become very sick and it soon becomes clear that he has suddenly become allergic to their pet dog. Hank builds a dog house in the back yard, but his faithful companion just won't use it. Bobby ends up moving into it, much to his mother's disgust.

It's Not Easy Being Green: The local planners have decided to drain the local quarry in order to use it as a city dump. Hank, Dale and Bill don't want this to happen as they have a terrible secret. Boomhaur's old love is at the bottom of the quarry and it's all down to his three friends - who have wisely kept their crime from him since High School. Now Hank, Dale and Bill decide to pretend that they care about the environment in order to stop the quarry from being drained, and their secret from being uncovered.

While these are the highlights, for me, of Season Five, I have to admit that here isn't really a bad episode in this collection - all have something going for them. The only negative thing I have to say is that there are no extras of any description. But then, the price tag reflects that.

Certainly a collection you should add to your "must buy" list.

Darren Rea

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