Star Trek
Deep Space Nine
Season 6
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Starring: Avery Brooks
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Available 30 April 2007

Season Six of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine kicks off with a six episode story arc - one that was originally planned to run for an entire season, until the producers decided that this would alienate viewers who only watched the show occasionally.

Season Six saw a few changes in the dynamics between the main cast. There is a marriage, love blossoms for another couple, and two characters die - one a prominent crew member of DS9 and the other a recurring character. And we get another semi-regular member of the cast in holographic lounge singer Vic Fontaine.

We also get to see that, after last season's revelation that Doctor Bashir is not all he seems, Starfleet acknowledge him for what he is. The episode Statistical Probabilities illustrates why genetically enhanced individuals had previously been banned from Starfleet. While they are all super intelligent, the majority are social misfits, prone to violent outbursts.

The main focus for this season is the escalating Dominion threat - a focus that ended up giving the majority of the episodes an almost militaristic feel to them. But while the majority of episodes progress this theme, there are plenty of light hearted stories. There are a number of Ferengi based episodes (always good for a laugh) including The Magnificent Ferengi and Profit and Lace. The later is more amusing, with Quark enduring a sex change operation to become one of Zek's female financial advisors (don't ask how or why, just sit back and enjoy it).

This season also sees the first, and only, episode devoted to Quark's favourite barfly, Morn (Who Mourns for Morn?) - who sadly doesn't appear in any great capacity. But it's great to get more of an insight into this character who has accidentally become a semi-regular and popular background face. One nitpick though. At the end of the episode why do the Ferengi complain about "worthless gold"? According to Quark it is only valuable if it is gold pressed latinium. However, in countless episodes the Ferengi have traded with gold. In The Next Generation episode The Last Outpost the Ferengi take the Starfleet pins because they contain "precious gold". Or am I just being sad?

We also get another mirror universe story (Resurrection) and the start of what could have been a great ongoing theme in Far Beyond the Stars. This episode sees Sisko as a 20th Century writer living in Manhattan. And it appears that the events on DS9 are merely figments of his imagination. This episode is intriguing as it gives viewers a glimpse at what some of the actors, who are usually covered in prosthetic makeup, look like. Sadly, apart from brief references, this storyline was never really followed up again.

Other notable episodes include Waltz, which sees Sisko and Dukat stranded on a planet after Dukat saves Sisko; Honor Among Thieves, in which O'Brien infiltrates the Orion Syndicate and then has to choose between the mission and his new friend; Wrongs Darker than Death or Night, which sees Kira travelling back in time to discover the truth about her mother who died when Kira was three years old. Dukat claim that he was her lover - a ridiculous notion in Kira's eyes, but one that is eating away at her; Inquisition, which sees the introduction of Section 31; and His Way, which introduces regular guest character Vic Fontaine and shows the birth of the romantic relationship between Kira and Odo.

But, it is the season ending that is intriguing. No "Oh my Gawd!" cliff-hanger as in previous years, but it ends on such a downer. Sisko is dejected, the prophets have vanished, and one of the main cast is dead.

Extras include: Mission Inquiry: Far Beyond The Stars; 24th Century Wedding (10 mins); Crew Dossier: Bashir (14 mins); Crew Dossier: Quark (15 mins); DS9 Sketchbook: John Eaves (9 mins); One Little Ship Gary Hutzel featurette (4 mins); Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition: The Beginning (4 mins); Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition: The Sequel (7 mins); Photo Gallery; and Section 31 (Hidden files).

Another great collection from Paramount.

Darren Rea

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