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Dalek Thay (5")

Character Options
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You've seen the TV series, now buy the
Doctor Who action figures, produced under licence from the BBC by Character Options. This collection reproduces some of the most memorable characters from the new television series, as well as introducing the 10th Doctor...

Character Options has long been synonymous with quality Doctor Who products. Fans of Who have come to know that Character Options name on a product usually means high quality merchandise. Thankfully the company's new 2007 line of Doctor Who toys build on that reputation.

Dalek Thay was third in command of the Cult of Skaro and was first to be named on screen. This is the Dalek that declared war on the cybermen after exterminating two of them. Thay fought in the battle of Canary Wharf, where he sacrificed three panels of dalekanium for the lightning conductor.

While Dalek toys are two-a-penny these days (you can pick up so many old toys on eBay), the Dalek Thay figure is an incredibly well detailed offering. What really impressed me was how the designers have gone that extra mile to produce something that hardcore collectors as well as children will instantly fall in love with.

This looks as close to it's on screen version as you could hope to own - and at £7 you'd be a fool not to pick this up. This action figure also includes rear panel damage which help to make this stand out from the other Dalek toys available, and I was impressed by how well made the finished product is.

If you only buy one Dalek toy, make sure it's the Dalek Thay.

Nick Smithson

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