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Revolting People
Series Two


Author: Andy Hamilton and Jay Tarses
Starring: Jay Tarses, Andy Hamilton, Jan Ravens, James Fleet and Susie Blake
BBC Audio
RRP: £15.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 405 67827 8
Available 07 January 2008

In this second series of Andy Hamilton's hit comedy, it's business as usual for Baltimore shopkeeper Samuel Oliphant and family - in other words, chaos and confusion. Samuel yearns for a quiet life, but with two difficult daughters; a huge, dimwitted son; a pompous son-in-law and a brace of British officers to deal with, there is little chance of that...

The six episodes that make up Series Two of Revolting People see the return of Samuel's wife, the birth of Cora's baby, and Samuel's store facing competition from a new super-emporium. Meanwhile, Mary climbs into bed with Captain Brimshaw, Sergeant McGurk takes up spying, and Samuel is left a fortune - on the condition that his family can fulfil puritanical Aunt Sybil's final wish. There's yet more trouble in store when Mary is wooed by a newly-arrived Captain (who, unbeknown to her; has recently been named "Cad of the Year" by the Bounder's Gazette) and Ezekiel discovers the truth about his ginger baby, and sets out to track down the father...

Andy Hamilton and Jay Tarses's Revolting People lacks a lot of the subtlety and humour that was present in Hamilton's long-running radio series Old Harry's Game. Some of these jokes are showing their age a little (which is pretty worrying considering that these episodes were first broadcast in 2001). In fact I'd even go as far as to say that most of the humour would have been out of date by a good ten years even on its original broadcasting.

Andy Hamilton plays pretty much the same character as he does in Old Harry's Game - same sense of humour and generally style of delivery. In fact, his character was the only truly likeable addition to this very average offering.

There are a few laughs to be had here, but this is far from Hamilton's best work.


Darren Rea

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