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Very Good, Jeeves


Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Read by: Jonathan Cecil
BBC Audio
RRP: £20.00
ISBN: 978 1 4056 8877 2
Available 07 April 2008

Very Good, Jeeves is a collection of eleven stories featuring P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster and read by Jonathan Cecil.

This collection was first published in book form in 1930. Previously the tales had all appeared in the UK publication Strand Magazine between 1926 and 1930.

Very Good, Jeeves shows us that Jeeves is not only a tireless servant to Bertie Wooster, but saviour of a good many other individuals as well. The list is long. Very Long.

There's Bingo Little in the affair of the marooned cabinet minister; Sippy Sipperley, when he is persecuted by his former headmaster; Tuppy Glossop in his foolhardy pursuit of the opera singer; not to mention Miss Dalgleish the dog-girl.

The eleven short stories, which are spread over six CDs with a running time of almost seven house, include: Jeeves and the Impending Doom; The Inferiority Complex of Old Sippy;Jeeves and the Yule-tide Spirit;Jeeves and the Song of Songs; Episode of the Dog McIntosh; The Spot of Art; Jeeves and the Kid Clementina; The Love That Purifies; Jeeves and the Old School Chum;The Indian Summer of an Uncle; and The Ordeal of Young Tuppy.

Jonathan Cecil has the perfect speaking voice for this collection. He gives the reading just the right level of authority, without sounding annoying. He also does an admiral job of providing convincing voices for all the characters.

If you are a fan of Jeeves and Wooster, then you'll be glad to hear that the BBC have remained faithful to the original material - presenting this here as an unabridged recording.


Nick Smithson

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