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Audio Book Review


Stargate: Atlantis
A Necessary Evil


Author: Sharon Gosling
Read by: Torri Higginson
Big Finish Productions
RRP: £9.99 (CD), £8.99 (download)
ISBN: 978 1 84435 345 3
Available 01 May 2008

“This planet that you love so much... If you were not hidden, it would not exist, or at least not like this.” When Sheppard’s team encounters a culture with phase-shift technology that keeps its entire population invisible - and immaterial - to the outside world, it looks like Atlantis might have found the perfect protection from the Wraith. Eager to trade for the technology, Dr. Weir embarks on a diplomatic mission to negotiate with the people of Lannavulin. But once there, it becomes apparent that not everyone is happy with the planet’s status quo...


I strongly recommend that you watch the first two episodes of Season 4 of Stargate: Atlantis before you listen to this, the second of Big Finish’s series of Stargate audio books, and the first to use Atlantis characters. Though the main part of the story takes place during Season 3, some time between the episodes Common Ground and First Strike, it is a flashback from an intriguing framing sequence set after Lifeline. Writer Sharon Gosling assumes that [SPOILER ALERT - FINAL WARNING!] Elizabeth was mind-probed by the Asurans following her capture, and this is the starting point to her recollections here.

Though nowhere near as good as Michael Shanks (in Gift of the Gods) at mimicking her co-stars, Torri Higginson gives a very moving reading of this tale of social inequality and desperate measures. Her character gets more of an opportunity to use her diplomatic skills than she usually got on the television series.

Each of this series of CDs ends with an interview with the narrator, which in this case is very interesting, as Higginson reveals up-to-the-minute information about why she left the show and why she won’t be returning any time soon. Nevertheless, the actress retains her trademark sense of humour as well as her loyalty to her fans and to the character of Elizabeth Weir.

For Stargate: Atlantis fans, this is a very necessary purchase.


Richard McGinlay

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