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DVD Review

Speed Grapher
Volume Six


Starring (voice): Yuuji Takada, Kei Satou, Takako Honda and Naoki Makishima
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 04 February 2008

Hope fails as Suitengu drags Kagura off for his final stand, the populace is in panic and the government remains strangely silent. With the full story revealed at last, Saiga prepares to come face to face with his adversary on a far different field of battle. The history books will have a new chapter, marking the day that a photographer crossed fates with a dark angel, reshaping Tokyo's skyline in a quest to save a young girl trapped by greed...

Speed Grapher is a gritty science-fantasy animated series for mature viewers. A potent and provocative cocktail of forbidden sex, blood-spattered violence, conspiracy and intrigue. Add to that mix an ultra-cool anti-hero, a beautiful teenage Goddess, a fetishistic female detective and an ever-expanding line-up of genetically mutated super-assassins and you get a pretty good idea what you are letting yourself in for.

In Volume Six, the final supper has begun, and the glutton comes in many forms. The city watches in fascinated horror as the wicked takes on the corrupt and the ruling class is brought down to its knees. Saiga crawls out of darkness into the destruction, and international eyes turn to the crises, driving the stakes ominously high.

This latest DVD collection contains the final four episodes in the series - episodes 21-24:

All Hail the Glutton: On the eve of the Suitengu Club's grand reopening everything seems to be going to Hell. A psychopathic killer with a bizarre leg fetish holds Ginza captive, hoping to remove her legs and display them in his proud collection. Ironically, as he's dying for her legs, Ginza uses her legs against him. Meanwhile Prime Minister Kamiya reveals his heinous plans, as well as his true monstrous appearance, to the kidnapped Kagura.

Money, Money, Money: Suitengu has commandeered a heavily armed military helicopter with which he attacks the Prime Minister's mansion. As Suitengu faces down his enemy, the PM begs for his life and promises to tell Suitengu where his missing sister is. Sadly, for the PM, Suitengu has already found her and taken care of her in the only way he really could. Suitengu offers Kagura an ultimatum - if she will go with him, without a fuss, he will spare Saiga's life.

Tender Grave: All of Japan's leaders were part of Suitengu's underground club and, as he planned, all have been trapped inside the club. The result is that Japan is without a government. Suitengu now reveals his plans for himself and Kagura.

The Roppongi Crisis: As missiles are threatening to destroy Suitengu's building at any moment, the final showdown between Suitengu and Saiga reaches its climax. If Suitengu executes his plan the streets of Tokyo will be paved with fire and the global economy will be forever changed. And, if Saiga wins, how can he hope to stop the plan Suitengu has set in motion?

Extras include Saito Documentary - Part 3 (46 minutes look at the third part of the Kai Saito story. Here we watch the Japanese voice actress taking part in radio shows and Q&As with fans); Character Cast Auditions (a quick look at the US auditions for Niihari and Makabe); Art Gallery; Textless Opening and Closing Sequences; and trailers for two other anime shows.

For those that have followed this show from the start, the conclusion does not disappoint.


Pete Boomer

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