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DVD Review

Ergo Proxy
Volume 5 - Terra Incognita


Starring (voice): Akiko Yajima, Kouji Yusa and Rie Saitou
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 12
Available 07 April 2008

The journey to Mosk is approaching its end but not before Re-l, Vincent and Pino discover an appalling revelation about humanities fall from grace. As they wander through Vincent's home city, they realize that the answer to his lingering question lies not in the wreckage of the destroyed dome but back in Romdo. All roads lead to the same conclusion and the journey to the end must inevitably lead to a new beginning...

Ergo Proxy is a futuristic, science-fiction suspense thriller with gothic cyberpunk undertones. Directed by Shuko Murase (Witch Hunter ROBIN, Samurai Champloo) and scripted by Dai Sato (Samurai Champloo, Casshern, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Cowboy Bebop).

Volume five contains episode 17-20:

Terra Incognita: Vincent, Re-l and Pino are travelling towards Vincent's birthplace, Mosk, in order to learn more about his beginnings. When Pino vanishes Vincent and Re-l set off to look for her. They stumble across a cave, and venturing inside they find Pino as well as some odd humanoid creatures. Re-l realises they are not proxies, but can't work out why there is a piano in the cave also. Meanwhile Raul Creed, the security bureau chief, goes on the run. And, when the authorities track him down he has a surprise awaiting them.

Life After God: Arriving at Mosk, our heroes are surprised to find that it has been destroyed in what looks like a nuclear blast - however this is not a recent disaster. Vincent stumbles upon a robot, called Amnesia, which claims to be his robot from years ago. Apparently Vincent entrusted him with his memory while living in Mosk. But is this encounter real or merely a dream?

Eternal Smile: Pino finds herself in a new land - Smile Land. This strange place is the creation of one man whose job it is to ensure that all of the residents are smiling 24 hours a day. The whole place is like one giant amusement park where once people start to get tired of each of the larger than life creatures that inhabit the world they are thrown away and new characters are created to keep the residents amused. Why is Pino here and what on earth has this got to do with getting back to Romdo?

Goodbye Vincent: Apparently back in Romdo Re-l is being given a check up, Vincent is in a secure unit and Pino is being kept in a locked basement (because she is an infected unit). However, nothing is what it seems and everything points to Vincent somehow being trapped inside Re-l's mind - Vincent isn't real, just a figment of Re-l's imagination.

The final two episodes on this disc are really filler episodes (especially Eternal Smile) designed to pad the story out while our heroes head back to Romdo. While these episodes are entertaining enough they add very little to the main story.

Extras are none existent - unless you want to count the trailers for other releases as an extra.

Not quite as entertaining as previous episodes have been, but still worth watching.


Darren Rea

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