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DVD Review

The Wig


Starring: Chae Min-seo and Sa Hyon-Jin
Tartan Video Asia Extreme
RRP: £14.99
Certificate: 15
Available 14 April 2008

A woman collects her sister from hospital, telling her she is cured. In fact, she is terminally ill with leukaemia and hasn't long to live. Her sick sister's condition is worsening considerably when she buys the woman a long-haired wig. Wearing it constantly, the sick woman becomes obsessed with the hair. She regains some of her former strength to the point where she dresses-up and goes out nightclubbing. But her character and whole personality undergoes a drastic change to that of a woman who had committed suicide under stressful circumstances. In Japan it is considered extremely bad luck to make a hairpiece from a dead person. Could the wig itself be possessed?...

This is an averagely-good Japanese supernatural horror, which borrows heavily from the feel of its classic predecessors The Ring (hair hanging down over the face of Sadako) and Ju-on: The Grudge (the ghostly fingers running though the hair of someone having a shower).

The idea of the wig reappearing spread out neatly on the floor of the sick woman's bedroom is stylish rather than creepy. There are no real scares in this movie, but it is fascinating, particularly the twist at the conclusion, which I won't reveal here.

The direction is inventive; however, events move fairly slowly, with emotional scenes being slightly over-played.

The Wig is a competent addition to the Asia Extreme catalogue. I would comment, however, that I'm always looking to be chilled by a film like this, and that's admittedly difficult to achieve using a hairpiece. This film is enjoyable, but it could have been a whole lot more.


Ty Power

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