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CSI: Miami
Season 5 - Part 2


Starring: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander. Jonathan Togo, Frank Tripp and Eva La Rue
Momentum Pictures
RRP: £34.99
Certificate: 15
Available 08 September 2008

Chronicling the work of the Miami-Dade crime investigators, CSI: Miami is set against the sun, fun and tropics of the Florida tourist haven. Leading the team is Horatio Caine, an ex-bomb squad detective who is no stranger to confrontations with criminals and the underworld...


Season 5 - Part 2 of CSI: Miami includes the last 12 episodes of Season 5, spread over three discs.

Thankfully the King of Cheese, Horatio Caine, hardly opens his trap in these 12 episodes - which makes for a much more enjoyable collection of stories. It's not that David Caruso is a bad actor, it's just that the writers will insist on having him say the most ridiculously cheesy lines while constantly taking off and putting back on his sunglasses.

Highlights in this collection include:

Throwing Heat, opens with the investigation into the death of an illegal immigrant who appears to have been blown up by a land mine on Miami beach. During the investigation Frank steps on another land mine and must wait for the bomb technicians to make it safe. Delko also gets stung with a law suit after he intervenes in a domestic dispute, while off duty.

No Man's Land, opens with what appears to be two crooks smuggling guns. But we soon discover they are police transporting confiscated guns to be melted down. The truck they are driving in is flipped over by criminals, and the guns are picked up by the locals. Caine links the crime to Clavo Cruz, a criminal he put away for murder years ago. Caine and Delko are also in a hurry to find a kidnapped woman, who has been locked inside the boot of a car. During their search Delko is shot in the head.

Triple Threat: The CSI team is called in when a wealthy real-estate developer is murdered at a charity fundraising event organized by his wife. But, as the investigation progresses no one is who they seem. While this is an enjoyable episode with plenty of twists and turns, the title gives away the final twist, which is a shame. This episode also stars Eureka!'s Colin Ferguson.

Rush: When a well known Hollywood action star is killed on the set of his latest movie, Caine investigates. But what his team discover is that he was hung before he was burned.

Just Murdered: A wealthy couple are getting divorced, but it's not a happy process. With each wanting to get one up on the other, it's not long before the bodies start piling up.

Either the writers are getting lazy, or my Miss Marple senses are getting better, as I worked out quite a few of these cases way before the ending. I also twigged that the opening to Rush was a movie set. Now this I'm stating not to show how super intelligent I am, but to point out that the writing seems to be a little more predictable than in previous seasons.

I was a little disappointed that yet again the CSI producers use pretty dirty tricks to make us believe that Delko is dead and that Wolfe has been fired in this collection - only for them both be back to normal after a couple of episodes. Delko, we are told will probably be a little slower than he was in the past, but after a few episodes of playing Forrest Gump, he's back to his normal self. And Wolfe turns into a bit of a nasty character, only to change back into the loveable guy he once was.

Extras include an audio commentary on Man Down; Turning up the Heat (9 min, 37 sec exploration of the look of the show); Dressing the Part (5 min, 55 sec look at the costumes); and The Real MDPD (25 min, 29 sec featurette hosted by Jonathan Togo as he visits the different department of the real Miami Dade Police Department).

As I've stated previously, £35 is quite a lot of money for half a season. However, money issues aside, this is a thoroughly enjoyable collection.


Amber Leigh

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