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ER (Emergency Room)
The Complete Twelfth Season


Starring: Goran Visnjic, Maura Tierney, Mekhi Phifer, Parminder Nagra, Linda Cardellini, Shane West, Scott Grimes and Laura Innes
Warner Home Video
RRP: £44.99
Certificate: 15
Available 15 September 2008

Follow the lives of the emergency room staff and doctors of Chicago’s County Hospital, a level one trauma centre where the difference between life and death rests on split-second decisions. Determined to save lives in a place where nothing is taken for granted; everything is uncertain for the team except that another person will be rushed through the emergency room doors in the next moment...

The twelfth season of ER contains plenty of suspense and drama for the doctors and staff of Chicago’s County Hospital. There's a marriage, a death, two pregnancies, the revelation that one of the staff has four nipples and one of the best season finale cliffhangers - in which the fate of quite a few of the regular actors is left undecided.

Highlights include:

Wake Up: Victor Clemente, the ER's newest physician, poses as a patient to test his colleagues' expertise. A young woman, who has emerged from a six-year coma turns to Kovac for support. This episode is interesting as it introduces Clemente - who becomes a series regular in this season. Also, Kovac's relationship with a woman emerging from a coma is quite moving too - reminding me of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Chrysalis in which Dr Bashir awakens a woman who's been in a catatonic state for years.

Dream House: Clemente, Abby and Neela give an ailing baby chimp the VIP treatment. Meanwhile Ray discovers that his new girlfriend didn't clue him in on some important personal information.

All About Christmas Eve: Weaver and Pratt battle to save a child; Eve decks a Santa who is making fun of blind carol singers; and Abby has some news for Kovac.

Body & Soul: While technically a clips show, this episode revisits the life of Dr. Nate Lennox as he re-enters the lives of the ER Staff. A brilliant professor of medicine and Abby's mentor, he's battled ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) for years. Now, despite Abby's pleas, he wants to end the fight.

Quintessence of Dust: Jodie's estranged husband shoots her in a fit of jealousy, but Clemente is suspected of the crime. On a lighter note: at a bachelor auction, Pratt draws an impressive $600 bid... from a guy.

Out on a Limb: Infectious disease threatens many of the ER staff. Sam impresses a wealthy patient who needs medical help at home. And despite increasing pain, Weaver is strangely reluctant to undergo hip-replacement surgery.

Lost in America: On his return to the ER, Clemente tries to handle both his colleagues' aloofness and a difficult stab-wound case. Neela's presentation at a medical conference goes completely haywire.

There are No Angels Here: Newly arrived in war-ravaged Darfur to work with Carter, Pratt undergoes a trial by fire, risking capture - or worse - by armed militants to save a patient. This episode carries on the segments in this season with Carter and his work in Darfur. It's a pretty enjoyable episode which also stars Eamonn Walker - who UK viewers will remember as Winston in In Sickness and in Health.

21 Guns: Prisoner Steve Curtis returns to the ER with ruptured stitches... and a plan to escape.

The only episode I really didn't enjoy was Two Ships in which a plane crashes onto the city. It all seems a little silly - especially when you see the explosion is high above the city and yet some of the passengers seem to have survived.

Extras include deleted scenes from the majority of episodes - which are included on the disc that those episodes are on - making it easier for fans to see where the scenes would have gone.

This season's 22 episodes are spread across three discs - which contain four episodes on each side. All three discs have episodes on both sides which means you have to flip the disc over to watch more episodes. As a result you can own an entire season for only £45 - when other shows, like CSI, ask you to part with £35 for half a season.

ER fans will want to add this to their collection


Pete Boomer

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