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Storm Hawks
Season 1 - Volume 2


Starring (voice): Sam Vincent, Chiara Zanni, Matt Hill and Colin Murdock
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: PG
Available 06 October 2008

In Atmos, thousands of islands of rock called Terras shoot up from the clouds, each housing a variety of strange creatures and societies. Their only defence for an invading evil empire is a squadron of fearless Sky Knights who patrol the roads and skies with their powerful transforming vehicles, shifting from easy rider to easy glider at the flick of a switch. The Storm Hawks were the most legendary of all the Sky Knights until they were taken out by the dark forces invading the Terras. Now, with the threat of invasion looming again, it is up to five fearless teenagers to take up the Storm Hawks' mantle once again to save everything they hold dear...

Storm Hawks: Season 1 - Volume 2 contains another 13 episodes of the animated series that follows a group of wannabe Sky Knights as they patrol the skies on the planet Atmos, hoping one day to become proper Storm Hawks. This young group have pledged to defend their planet from the evil Master Cyclonis and his followers, most notably the Dark Ace, who was once a Storm Hawk but betrayed his crew years previously - the result being that the Storm Hawks were wiped out.

Episodes on this collection include:

A Little Trouble: Problems start for everyone when Junko turns up with a baby Wallop who he's agreed to baby sit for the day. The Storm Hawks are gearing up for a new mission that will see them disrupt the construction on Snipe's new mega-ship. But keeping your eye on a baby and completing the mission is not as easy as it sounds.

Thunder Run: The Storm Hawks are on a mission to save Junko's life. In order to stop a gangster from killing Junko, the team must travel to the other side of Atmos and retrieve a mysterious artefact. But they've only got until the sun sets to complete their task.

Escape!: Aerrow and Radarr escape from the once thought escape proof prison on Terra Zartacla. Their jailers are in hot pursuit. Can our heroes stay one step ahead of the warden and his men?

Forbidden City: The Storm Hawks have to find their way past dangerous traps and challenging riddles in the ancient Forbidden City in their bid to retrieve the treasure before a mysterious explorer working for Snipe can get to it.

Leviathan: Radarr is piloting the Condor when it is swallowed whole by a giant sky creature. with Radarr inside. The Storm Hawks set out to save their friend and ship.

InFinnity: Finn activates a crystal that generates an entire ship full of duplicate Finns. When Snipe manages to get his hands on the crystal and produce an army of Snipes, the Storm Hawks use the army of Finns to attack the army of Snipes.

Terra Neon: A couple of deranged producers have taken the Terra Neon captive - forcing everyone to audition for their next big production.

Extras include four releases for other releases.

Disc two contains:

The Storm Hawks Seven: The Storm Hawks and Starling must work together to take back a terra from the Cyclonians. The terra is being used by Ravess to conceal a weapon capable of taking out an entire airship.

Talon Academy: Aerrow, Radarr and Piper pretend to be students and sneak inside a Talon training academy. They quickly overthrow the staff and attempt to teach Snipe a lesson.

Siren's Song: A new foe appears on the scene for the Storm Hawks - a deadly Sky Siren who can make her prey see whatever she wants them to.

Calling All Domos: Finn is called back for Domo duty when there's trouble on Terra Vapos. With only Stork to help him, he has to formulate a plan that will help him defeat the the Murk Raiders.

The Lesson: Master Cyclonis creates a new crystal that vastly increases the abilities of her Talons. The Storm Hawks are given some special training to help them battle against the super powered Talons.

Dude, Where's My Condor?: The Condor has to be repaired after it breaks down. However, they end up being tricked into trading it for another ship that ends up being more problematic than they realised. When the Storm Hawks go back to pick switch back to the Condor they discover it's been sold.

Once again, another fantastic collection of episodes which work out at excellent value (£1 each). This will keep Storm Hawks fans entertained for hours.


Pete Boomer

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