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Liverpool FC
Anfield's European Nights


Starring: Liverpool FC
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: E
Available 03 November 2008

With five European Cups and three UEFA Cups, Liverpool FC are the UK's most successful club in European football and Anfield has staged many a dramatic and memorable match of European football over the decades. There is nothing to match the atmosphere of the great European nights at Anfield - it's one of most magical atmospheres and experiences in football. The drama and football brilliance that has shone on these evenings has helped to win fans nationally and worldwide and this DVD captures the greatest of these dramas, all to the backdrop of The Kop in full voice and colour...

Liverpool FC: Anfield's European Nights features games from the European Cup, UEFA Cup and the Champions League, spanning from the '60s to the present day and with all the Liverpool greats of the modern era and of years gone by - Shankly, Keegan, Dalglish, Souness, Gerrard to name but a few.

This DVD features just under two hours of drama from Anfield, kicking off (sorry, couldn't resist that) with their match against Inter Milan from 04 May 1965, right through to a match against Arsenal on 08 April 2008.

There are a total of 10 match highlights included here, which also include facts and figures about each match as well as brief interviews and shots of the fans. Each match also shows the line up of each of the players - although these are shown just before each match's chapter point. So, if you're not watching this DVD from start to finish, you'll have to rewind the DVD slightly to check all the players' names.

Now, it goes without saying, this DVD will only apply to fans of football - and Liverpool fans more specifically, but then it's a foolish shopper who will pick this up on a whim and then be disappointed because they don't like football.

What's interesting about this is that this is actually a DVD that fanatics can watch with non-football fans. So, for example, if your other half tolerates your hobby, but hasn't the slightest interested in watching football themselves, then this DVD shows the excitement of over 30 years of the game. And if they don't get caught up in the action (and I find it hard to believe that even the biggest football hater won't agree that these matches are exciting) then they can laugh at the fashion of the day as worn by the crowd.

Liverpool FC fans will love this, as will anyone who likes great football.


Pete Boomer

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