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Artist: Same Difference
Syco Music / SonyBMG
RRP: £13.99
8 869741 146827
Available 24 November 2008

X Factor finalists and pop sensations Same Difference finally unleash their debut album Pop, which features both original material as well as well known covers. And, of course, it features the band's debut single 'We R One'...

I have to admit to being no fan of X Factor - there's something about manufactured pop acts that doesn't sit right with me - not when they are created as publicly as they are on the show.

Pop is the debut album of brother/sister finalists Same Difference, who Simon Cowell described as two of the most annoying people he'd ever met.

The album kicks off with 'We R One', the single that launched Same Difference's career. The opening to the song sounds a little like a new interpretation of the opening to Stevie Wonder's 'Hello' but, just in time to prevent any legal action, this then gives way to a few bars that are not unlike Robin Beck 'First Time' which was famously used for Coca Cola commercials. Then we are into a pretty standard pop track that no doubt fans of High School Musical will lap up.

Most of the tracks are all jolly, mindless affairs and a good proportion of them are covers. These include a reworking of Starship's 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' (which is even cheesier than the original); Marie Serneholt's 'I Need a House'; 'Breaking Free' from High School Musical; and Kylie Minogue's 'Turn it into Love'.

It's pretty soulless guff when all said and done, but then what do you expect from a manufactured pop duo? The girl's voice has been seriously treated with that almost mechanical sound that only computers can produce.

While it's faceless, mindless pop - it's designed for pre-teen girls and to be honest they'll love the catchy tunes. While it's not my cup of tea (in any way shape or form) I can appreciate why it's target market will love it. So, my final mark, obviously reflects the fact that this is a great album to buy for young girls.


Nick Smithson

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