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Don't Free Freddy

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Item No: DF8001
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There is a cute little monster and he is all chained up! Why? His name is Freddy and he is pleading with you to unlock his chains so that he can play with you. But the box he comes in quite clearly says 'Don't Free Freddy!' Ah! He's so cute there is no way he could be nasty... is there?

Claimed to be the wackiest dual personality talking monster ever, Furry Freddy soon turns into a scary monster when he is unchained. Here are selection of quotes from the nasty Freddy:

Nice Shirt! Your mum dress you?

Come here I've a secret to tell you... <BURP!> Monster Breath HA! HA!

I see we've got something in common! We both shop for bargains.

Don't buy this for you little ones, buy it for you! This is one of those toys that is wasted on kids - although they will love it.

Don't Free Freddy has to be one of the funniest toys on the market.

Amber Leigh