IQ Builders

All Vehicle Multi Set

IQ Science
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If you have ever had one of those embarrassing moments where a child has asked you how your car works and you have to admit you haven't got a clue then IQ Builders could be the perfect solution for inquisitive minds.

The company's latest model, the all vehicle multi set, provides children with a real practical learning experience, as they handle batteries and motors and learn for themselves how energy changes with the help of gears and wheels.

The multi set can be made into more than 15 different motorised projects including cars, aeroplanes, motorbikes and tricycles. By following the instructions provided and viewing the workings of the vehicle through clear capsules, children discover and learn about electric circuits, gears, speed and torque, motion energy, friction and traction, chain drives, switch boxes, wheels and axles.

I took this over to my nephew's house and he loved it. I had a play with it before and found the instructions a little on the difficult side (badly designed like flat pack furniture instructions). However my nephew got stuck straight in and within 15 minutes had managed to construct his first vehicle. Half an hour later he was taking it apart and building another. By the afternoon (he hadn't got bored with it yet) he was being more adventurous and making his own creations.

As this really does help children learn about how motors work it is infinitely better than Lego or any other building blocks toy.

In an age where children are constantly bombarded by violent video console games, IQ Builders provides a sensible and useful solution to what to buy for that nephew/niece that has everything. Oh, and batteries are included, which makes a refreshing change.

Amber Leigh