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Hands up all of you who wished for a radio controlled airplane when you were younger. But you never got one did you? Why not? Well they were too expensive and dangerous in the wrong hands - those metal propellers could slice a finger off with no problem.

Well, thanks to FEVA, both of those problems have finally been resolved. Its radio control range of Air Hogs planes allow children to fly a remote controlled plane for under £70 and, thanks to plastic propellers, without the fear of losing a finger in the process.

Be warned though. This is not the sort of toy that you can unpack and play with in your back garden. The Intruder needs plenty of space to ensure that you don't lose sight of it. Using it couldn't be simpler. An onboard computer controls the plane during take-off, there is a 'thrust' button to give the plane an additional burst of speed and if you are worried that you are losing control simply press the 'land' button to ensure that it makes it safely back to Earth.

The plane comes with a recharge unit so that you can recharge the plane once the batteries are drained (three minutes to fully recharge them).

We have already reviewed the Air Hogs' piston driven planes - which are also great value for money and superb fun. But the addition of being able to control the plane's direction while in flight is much more exciting - I spent ages with my nephews flying this model around the park. They both gave it the thumbs up after playing with it for over an hour.

Buy it for your kids or buy it for yourself, but one thing is certain this could be the most fun you can have, legally, for under £70.

Ray Thompson

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