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Jackie Chan
Action figures

Vivid Imaginations
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He's an old, cool oriental dude who has a new cult following amongst the younger generation thanks, in no small part, to an excellent cartoon series. Yes Jackie Chan is big again.

And look, someone is determined to wring as much money out of this little gem with the launch of Jackie Chan action dolls. Well excuse me for not jumping for joy but I'm afraid I was duped by the text on the front of the box which states "real Kung-Fu fighting action." Now call me old fashioned, but I don't think that a plastic doll, that incidentally has no knee or elbow joints, is really going to be able to live up to this promise, do you? And surprise, surprise it does not.

Sure the doll's look great and are great to play with (you even get more than enough accessories to keep you happy until they are sucked up your vacuum cleaner) but I'm bitter about the very untrue flash on the cover.

That said, these are fun and will keep the kids amused for hours.

Pete Boomer