Doctor Who
Talking Cyberman

Product Enterprise
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5 060046 210141
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The Cybermen, Doctor Who's second favourite alien menace, have never really been dealt a fair hand in the merchandising stakes. The only toy previously available - back when Tom Baker was the Doctor - had a nose, so no marks there. However, things have finally been put right and at last fans of the half human, half machine, 100% logical inhabitants of the planet Mondas have something to get [un]emotional about.

Based on the Imagineering design which first appeared in Earthshock, Product Enterprises has delivered yet another first class product which combines excellent attention to detail with some sensible articulation and the ever-popular 'authentic phrases' which combine to really bring the figurine to life. Personally, I would have prefered a Tomb/Moonbase Cyberman [it's an age thing] but it would be churlish to quibble when faced with such a wonderful piece of work.

Above all else, what this action figure proves is that British toy manufacturers can still deliver the goods when they put their mind to it and Product Enterprises certainly seems to have taken the quality mantra to heart.

Yet again, the company has delivered a first class product at a good price. Excellent... as a certain Cyberleader might have said.

Anthony Clark