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13"/33cm deluxe poseable action figure

Vivid Imaginations/Toy Biz
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With the second X-Men movie due to hit the UK cinemas soon it's only a matter of time before kids up and down the country start nagging their parents for an X-Men action figure. And why wouldn't they? When I was a youngster Star Wars action figures were all the rage, so seeing this latest movie tie-in product took me back to being a wide-eyed kid. Fans of the movie are not going to be hard pressed to decide which figure they want, as arguably the coolest character has to be Wolverine.

I let an eight year old rip this from its box and play with it. He was extremely impressed and the first thing he said was: "Wow! Wolverine. Cool!" And off he trotted with his new toy. Apparently, he tells me, Wolverine is exactly the same size as Action Man and so the two could have some great fights.

Vivid Imaginations 13" Wolverine poseable action figure looks pretty impressive, but where this figure really scores big is with the number of joints and moveable sections available - his chest even comes in two sections so you can move the top half of his torso. Sadly though, there seems to be no joint in his knees so he won't be running anywhere soon. Instead there is a joint above and one below his knee section which can be swivelled. It's difficult to explain, but it looks rather weird when you are playing with him. Why a knee joint wasn't used instead is a mystery.

For the more mature collector out there there is some question of whether the likeness actually resembles the character from the movie as well as previous Toy Biz products have. Anyone used to the collector's edition Lord of the Rings toys may be surprised at how strange Wolverine looks - but then he is scowling.

As a toy to keep the young ones happy this does the trick, but collector's might want to think twice before parting with their money.

Nick Smithson

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