2000AD collectors figures

Robert Harrop Designs/Rebellion
RRP: 44.95
Model Number: AD04
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Now you can own your very own version of everyone's favourite delinquent double act, 2000AD's D.R. and Quinch, thanks too the latest two releases from Robert Harrop Designs...

Well known to collectors for its impressive range of highly collectible dog figurines Robert Harrop Designs recently expanded its range to include characters from 2000AD. Already available are beautifully detailed figurines of Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson and Judge Death.

Sculpted by Matt Buckley, the Quinch statute is an impressive 9 inches tall, hand-painted figurine. If, like me, you are 30-something then this beautifully presented figure will take you back to the heyday of British comics.

The Quinch figure has been loving sculpted (for goodness sake, there are even artist style pen marks on his clothes if you look closely enough) and beautifully (and I do mean beautifully) hand-painted. Ignore the picture at the top of this review, it doesn't do justice to the actual figure. If you want convincing that this is the ideal statue then you really need to see this in the flesh at your nearest specialist store.

The asking price is a little on the steep side, but well worth it as these are sure to rocket in price in years to come.

Nick Smithson